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  • Ready for all your online sign-ups, from social media to email checks

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  • Privacy's our game: While many hop on our numbers, your chats vanish and stay between us

  • Automatic, Instant Refunds: If a number doesn't work, you get your money back automatically, right away.

Numbers For Every Use Case

Veritel ensures you receive SMS through authentic numbers, prioritising your privacy and guarding against spam — all in seconds.

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Online Services

Register on platforms and stay anonymous

Avoiding Spam

Hand out your number and stay protected

Ad Optimisation

Ensure optimal delivery rates for ad campaigns

SMS Integrations

Test your apps SMS functionality pre-launch

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question that is not answered? You can contact us at [email protected].

What is Veritel?

Veritel is an online service that provides access to physical SIM cards via a virtual interface.

Our primary aim is to offer an alternative to physical SIM cards, enabling users to receive text messages online for various purposes such as verification, activation, and confirmation on various platforms. We offer over 350 services across more than 100 countries.

Whether you're looking to verify social networks, email accounts, or other online services, Veritel can provide a quick and secure solution without the need for a physical SIM.

Where do you get your numbers from?

We utilize our proprietary equipment equipped with SIM cards and specialized software to provide virtual numbers. When a message is sent to one of our virtual numbers, it's received on the SIM card, and our software then displays it in the user interface of our online service. Our numbers are generated to ensure user privacy and security.

How long can I use a number?

You can access our virtual numbers for a set duration of 15 minutes.

We understand that sometimes, certain tasks might require a longer window of time. Recognizing this need, we are actively working towards introducing a premium membership in the near future. This membership will allow users the flexibility to extend their time with the virtual SIM card, providing enhanced convenience and adaptability for all your online verification needs. We are constantly innovating to cater to the diverse requirements of our valued users.

Can I use the same number again?

No, for your security and privacy, once you've used a virtual number to receive an SMS for a specific site or application, that number will not be provided to anyone else for the same purpose. This ensures that incidents where someone else gains access to your information or account are prevented.

Are physical numbers better than virtual?

Certainly, physical numbers hold an edge over virtual numbers in many scenarios. They are associated with established mobile networks, making them universally accepted for verification across platforms. This acceptance gives users peace of mind that they will not encounter verification issues. On the other hand, virtual numbers sometimes come with limitations, and when they are accepted by sites, they can often be perceived as indicative of "spammy" behavior, potentially jeopardizing account standing.

With our service, the distinction is clear. While our numbers are indeed physical, ensuring their broad acceptance and trustworthiness, we provide you the convenience to access and use them in a virtual manner. This blend of physical trustworthiness with virtual accessibility delivers the best of both worlds to our users.

How am I charged?

We aim for transparent pricing tailored to the value and demand of each offering.

The cost of each virtual number is determined by its country of origin and the intended website or service. Less common countries are more affordable, while high-demand ones may cost more. Similarly, popular services might have a higher price.

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